Success is the sum of our experiences

Employees – the basis for a successful future

We aim to develop viable and sustainable concepts today for the markets of tomorrow in partnership with our clients, and our employees are our single most important asset in successfully achieving these goals.
True to the motto “yes, we can”, we address the goals and challenges of the future together, serving as an always-reliable partner for both clients and our own staff.

A focus on human well-being

We care deeply about the well-being of our more than 2,500 employees in different sectors and professions. The foundation of our successful enterprise is a qualified and motivated workforce, which is why KIEL Industrial Services AG places great value in ensuring that our employees enjoy job satisfaction and are well-qualified. Working in a secure environment under optimum working conditions helps to maximise workforce satisfaction.

Experience through continuous education

The knowledge of our workforce is the greatest asset that our company has. Our employees receive individual support and are given the opportunity to fully realise their career potential through extensive training measures.

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KIEL Industrial Services AG offers attractive entry-level positions as well as positions for applicants with experience. With a broad portfolio of entry-level opportunities, KIEL Industrial Services AG and its subsidiaries always have opportunities for starting out in a career.

Internships and apprenticeships

In addition to KIEL’s own apprenticeship scene for career starters, KIEL Industrial Services AG also offers the means to undertake a professional internship or engage in work experience for school.


Thanks to partnerships with renowned universities and university colleges, we offer students the option of gaining their first practical experience in the world of work during their degree as part of a student traineeship scheme.

Positions for experienced applicants

KIEL Industrial Services AG is also an attractive employer for applicants with experience. With state-of-the-art working methods, excellent engineering and great potential for innovation, KIEL Industrial Services AG creates a comfortable and forward-looking working environment for its workforce to enable the potential of the individual to be unleashed and to always improve the collective sum of this potential.

Applicants should please send their relevant application to