Instrumentation and control engineering for processes is part of our day-to-day business.

KIEL Engineering GmbH is a capable partner that supports you with extensive advice and detailed planning, from the initial drafts to the final commissioning process. Our team's many years of experience in consulting, planning and calculation and in the instrumentation and control engineering of processes enable us to achieve your cost efficiency goals by fulfilling project goals in a timely fashion with professionally engineered results.

Range of services

Basic engineering

  • Governance processes and project approval processes
  • Cost estimation, preparation of specification document
  • Concept design for instrumentation & control engineering and process control engineering
  • Concept design for automation systems, process control systems
  • Concept design for energy supply / power plant
  • Preparation of process flow diagrams
  • Interactions with authorities and approval-based engineering

Detail engineering

  • Wiring diagrams, circuit diagrams, single-line diagrams
  • Low & medium voltage switchgears 500V, 6KV, 25KV
  • Control cabinet planning, distribution, cable lists
  • Planning of fieldbus systems
  • Assembly / installation / disassembly / dismantling planning
  • Control centre planning, air conditioning, UPSs, earthing
  • Cable routing

Extended basic engineering

  • Design of motors, valves, baffles and sensors and of control centres and process control systems
  • Load flow calculation, short-circuit current calculation
  • Functional plan preparation, sequence design, formulas
  • Preparation of P&I diagrams
  • Safety analyses / TÜV audits

After-sales services

  • Training
  • Remote maintenance
  • 24h hotline and troubleshooting
  • On-site service deployment

Software tools

  • ProDOK
  • Eplan / Microstation
  • WS-CAD / AutoCAD
  • Eltime

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