KIEL Engineering GmbH supports you in the three-dimensional measurement of machinery. Our employees' many years of service will benefit you in the preparation and performance of three-dimensional measurements, while the use of state-of-the-art technology enables us to perform collision-free planning for legacy machinery and to document existing industrial machinery.

The use of state-of-the-art laser scanners enables a complete 3D measurement of complex structures such as buildings, installations, facilities and industrial machinery. Non-contact scanning enables industrial machinery to be measured while in operation, offering our customers a simple, cost-effective method of recording and analysing the structure of their machinery. The analysed data is visualised using CAD software, providing a detailed insight into the complex structure of the machinery.

Range of services

Extended basic engineering

  • Data recording of existing machinery and buildings
  • Support with manufacturer acceptance of apparatus
  • Review and documentation of installation planning
  • Review and documentation of pipeline routes
  • Assembly, installation, disassembly and dismantling studies
  • Performance of feasibility studies
  • Damage analysis

Detail engineering

  • Machine expansions
  • Planning of modifications
  • Replacement of existing machine components
  • Planning of integration points
  • Construction monitoring
  • As-built documentation


  • Complete registration of all projecting edges
  • 3D modelling of projecting edges from the point cloud
  • High measurement precision
  • High planning precision
  • Minimisation of “on-site workload”
  • Minimisation of modification work on the construction site

Technical data

  • Trimble TX5 3D laser scanner
  • 1 million points/second, range 120m
  • Integrated 70MP camera for colourisation of scan
  • Measurement precision 0.3 to 2.2mm at 25m
  • Modelling of projecting edges using Trimble RealWorksModeler
  • Export of point cloud to various CAD formats

Software tools

  • Instrom Pro
  • Power Factory

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