A clean approach to hygiene

Expiring patents, demands for savings by government and new competitors from the emerging markets have been intensifying the cost pressure on the pharmaceutical and food industries for years. The globalisation of the value chain also requires that a medicine or foodstuff have identical properties, regardless of where it is produced, and that the entire production and logistics chain meet the requirements of the regulatory standards.

Based on these changed circumstances, individual companies can only generate long-term competitive advantages if they invest in their production. Adequate scope is provided for optimisation here, because the average OEE level, the overall equipment effectiveness level in the pharmaceutical and food industries, is well below the level of other industries.

The services of KIEL Industrial Services AG for the pharmaceutical and food services are tailored services designed to provide cost-effective, high-quality benefits and improve both the quality of machinery and equipment and the expertise of all involved.

In the pharmaceutical and food industries, all it takes is one small mistake to damage the reputation of a company. One false step in the production process can cause immense costs. Quality is absolutely essential in an industry in which products are consumed by consumers throughout the world.

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