The key role of the energy industry

Businesses whose job it is to supply private households and industrial enterprises with energy sources such as town gas, natural gas, liquid fuels, electrical energy and solid fuels (coal, coke, peat and wood) are categorised under the term energy industry. KIEL Industrial Services AG has developed a focus on refineries, power plants and tank storage in this field with its services.

A refinery, in our case a petroleum refinery, is an industrial enterprise that processes petroleum through a large number of steps in a process chain into refined products such as petrol, diesel, heating oil and kerosene. Petroleum refineries are usually large, complex plants identifiable by expansive tank storage facilities, rectification columns, pipeline systems and flare systems.

To ensure operating safety is constantly maintained, these highly sensitive production facilities and their highly complex processes demand a broad range of experience and expertise not only from their own employees, but also from service providers. The staff of KIEL Industrial Services AG are familiar with the petroleum refinery sector, and as specialists, they have had a uniquely intensive and close partnership lasting many years with businesses operating in this segment. Our refinery-specific know-how is defined in particular by our knowledge of national and international directives and standards as well as works standards specifically tailored to the needs of individual refineries.

Moreover, KIEL Industrial Services AG ensures consistent compliance with environmental, safety and quality standards, timely performance of the service to be provided, relevant qualifications and training for staff to meet the continually growing needs of the age of Industry 4.0 and smart maintenance and to enhance innovation within the company, and also ensures seamless recordkeeping of technical services. This philosophy encompasses the entire value chain of the group of companies, covering routine maintenance and turnaround performance to modernisation and process optimisation to new construction projects.

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