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The energy industry along with energy and environmental policy are topics of opportunity today whose importance will determine the direction that the future of German industry will take.

The stipulations of environmental policy in particular affect the measures taken and subsidies offered to increase energy efficiency. Europe may be at the vanguard of the shift from conventional to renewable energy sources, but worldwide, fossil fuels continue to receive subsidies four times as high as renewable energies. Oil and the stockpiling of oil for example play an existential role in our security of supply, because there are hardly any fields in life that can be sustained without products containing petroleum-based components.

Given that there are practically no naturally-occurring petroleum reserves in Germany and that petroleum partly has to be imported from “regions of unrest” in the Middle East, the “Act on Stockpiling of Petroleum and Petroleum Products” (“Petroleum Stockpiling Act”) dated 16 January 2012 governs and organises strategic oil reserves in Germany. With a volume of around 25 million tons of crude oil and petroleum products, supplies are expected to be covered for at least 90 days in the event of an emergency. These reserves are primarily located in subterranean caverns or tank storage facilities above ground.

However, tank storage in industrial applications is an extremely sensitive element of the production chain. In these cases, tank storage facilities are used as temporary and/or long-term storage for fuels or for products such as motor petrol, heating oil, diesel, heavy oil, naphtha, liquefied natural gas, vegetable oil, alcohol etc.

Due to the high level of risk that they present, for example in relation to the Regulation on the Handling of Substances Hazardous to Water, the German Regulation on Industrial Health & Safety, explosion protection regulations, the Pressure Equipment Directive etc., the tank storage facilities are fitted with extensive safety mechanisms, because failures and damage can have a serious impact on people, the environment, delivery capacities or production itself. To prevent such occurrences, KIEL Industrial Services AG offers a seamless and complete maintenance service in accordance with DIN 31051 based on decades of experience in chemicals, petrochemicals and refinery operations. And the broad portfolio of KIEL Industrial Services AG also covers the engineering of the facilities related to the tank storage. Services such as engineering, pipeline construction, electrical and control engineering and equipment assembly contribute to ensuring that these substances are stored absolutely safely at all times.

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