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The core expertise of KIEL Industrial Services AG lies in the maintenance of process machinery. This strategic focus is directed not only at the technical aspects but also the organisational, economic and ecological aspects of the maintenance process.

The Maintenance segment is represented on the market by the companies KIEL Montagebau GmbH, Kiel Montagebouw B.V.,Industrial Pipe Systems GmbH, Zwingmann GmbH, Trauner Anlagen und Montagebau GmbH, Trauner Rohrleitungsbau GmbH and Kitec Sp.Zo.O.

The European standard DIN EN 13306 and the German standard DIN 31051 form the basis for the maintenance of rotating equipment, static equipment and pipeline installations.

By consistently planning each order ahead, our employees are able at all times to perform maintenance orders in a flexible, focused, timely, cost-effective and above all secure and safe manner. The “MainSys” maintenance software developed by KIEL Industrial Services AG is the working platform used to represent the order-specific workflow centrally and locally at any given time. This software enables our employees at all maintenance sites to optimise their activities in technical and commercial respects.

With up to 2,000 employees, KIEL Montagebau GmbH alone operates in maintenance at 48 sites in Germany on the basis of long-term framework agreements for a wide variety of client structures.

As globalisation progresses, markets open themselves up to one another and new technologies arise, German industry continues to be exposed to ever growing pressure, giving rise to a competitive situation in which efficiency gains in particular are key to ensuring the future of businesses situated here. In the light of this, the bundling of services, for example by transferring maintenance duties to KIEL Industrial Services AG, is a sustainable approach to ensuring future viability, because not only can the client focus on their core business, they can also benefit from the extensive knowledge and expertise of our maintenance specialists, delegating duties to specialists as part of a partnership that guarantees success.

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