Lifecycle/portfolio – IPS: Pipe pre-fabrication

Industrial Pipe Systems GmbH was spun off in 2005 from KIEL Montagebau GmbH. The focus of the company lies in supplying those companies of KIEL Industrial Services AG that operate in maintenance, turnarounds and project work with low-cost, “just-in-time” deliveries of industrially pre-fabricated pipe components. In doing so, we offer our construction sites and also our direct clients an optimised production process that, thanks to intelligent IT-based management, guarantees a production process with extremely short lead times and the highest quality standards possible. This of course also includes our professional material management.

In the production processes, bending machines with nominal widths of up to 100, orbital welding machines and also manual welding techniques are strategically employed. The cross-sections of the pipe spools are examined in an x-ray bunker owned by the company itself.

All of the required acceptance certificates and the complete, contractually assured documents are enclosed with the shipped pipe components.

Today, pre-fabrication is performed at the three sites at Wesseling, Wuppertal and Brunsbüttel. With a total of 8,500 m² of production space and a production output of up to 18,000 hours a month, Industrial Pipe Systems GmbH is able to produce pipes with a wide variety of specifications from a wide variety of materials.

IPS strives towards production that conserves resources and is sustainable, delivering results that are on schedule and meet the highest standards in production quality. State-of-the-art production methods are employed. Pipes are manufactured, including documentation and any required acceptance processes, in accordance with the latest engineering standards using bending machines and both automated and manual welding techniques.

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