The more complex a project, the more detailed the planning

In this field too, the meticulous monitoring of project data is what guarantees the success of any project turnaround. The focal aspects of the “ProSys” software developed by KIEL Industrial Services AG include resource planning, daily actual/target value comparisons (progress monitoring) and ongoing cost control.

Projects with values of up to € 1.5 million are supported by the relevant regional companies. Projects with values in excess of € 1.5 million are implemented directly by KIEL Montagebau GmbH with the benefit of the know-how of the regional companies.

With up to 500 employees, KIEL Montagebau GmbH is capable of turning around projects of up to € 15 million in value per individual order. The timely performance of projects while ensuring optimised and sustainable resource management lies at the focus of how all of the employees involved in the project operate.

The most important factor in successfully performing complex projects is professional project management. Projects need to be thoroughly planned in advance and all disciplines precisely coordinated. This helps to avoid errors, schedule overruns and additional expense.

KIEL Industrial Services AG operates as efficiently as it does effectively in both the planning and the performance of projects. Success is partly ensured by the detailed monitoring of project data, for which we have developed the software “ProSys”, which is used to handle the focal aspects of resource planning, daily actual/target value comparisons (progress monitoring) and ongoing cost control. Our employees’ activities also focus on timely completion by ensuring optimised and sustainable resource management.

Projects are given support at KIEL Industrial Services AG by the subsidiary Industrial Pipe Systems GmbH. This is where all kinds of machinery components can be pre-fabricated on a total area of 8,500 m². With a capacity of 18,000 working hours a month, this is one of the most modern and high-performance pre-fabrication facilities available in plant engineering.

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