We get steel into shape

Tank and apparatus construction has been added to the range of services offered by KIEL Industrial Services AG with the acquisition of the Deggendorf-based company Trauner Anlagen- und Montagebau GmbH.

Production is performed at this site in accordance with DIN EN 13445 as well as in line with the ASME code, with pressure tanks, heat exchangers, and other tanks being manufactured with diameters up to 4,500 mm, total lengths of up to 30,000 mm and weights of up to 40 tons.

All commonly used materials such as unalloyed, low-alloy and high-alloy materials, non-rusting materials, heat-resistant materials, cladded and duplex materials as well as nickel-based materials are processed.

TIG, MAG, manual arc welding and orbital welding are the main welding techniques used in the manufacture of the tanks and heat exchangers.

Once the commissioning process has been completed by the final acquiring party, Trauner Anlagen- und Montagebau GmbH also performs the maintenance and recurring inspections on site in accordance with the German Regulation on Industrial Health & Safety. The monthly production capacity is presently 6,000 hours.

In 2013, Trauner Rohrleitungsbau GmbH and Trauner Anlagenbau und Montagebau GmbH were acquired by KIEL Industrial Services AG. This step enabled us to not only further develop our presence in Southern Germany but also expand the range of services that the Group has to offer on the whole.

Trauner specialises in pipeline, tank and steel construction. For years, this company has been successfully serving clients in the refinery, chemical, paper/pulp, pharma/food and power plant sectors.

Workshop capacities totalling 1,800 m² (plus 2,300 m² of storage space) are available at the Deggendorf and Burghausen sites. Diameters of up to 4.5 m, lengths of up to 20 m and unit weights of up to 30 t can be processed here.

The company’s equipment includes an extensive collection of machinery for cutting (thermal and plasma), forming, joining and welding for steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals.

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