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The timely, safe, secure, specialist and professional performance of turnarounds is one of the most complex management tasks in the processing industry.

The management of KIEL Montagebau GmbH has developed a comprehensive turnaround performance concept based on a “lessons learned” process initiated jointly with industrial plant operators. The key to a successful turnaround lies in a precise advance planning process that benefits the installation process and in the optimal management and planning of resources.

In order to perform the complex and demanding tasks consistently, and in order to track and document the workflow from the planning to commissioning processes with absolute integrity, KIEL Industrial Services AG deploys “REV-Sys”, a tool specially developed for the performance of turnarounds.

Once KIEL TA-Concept GmbH has completed planning, Kiel Montagebau GmbH performs turnarounds with over 400 employees per downtime period, whether in mechanical engineering or in pipeline or valve engineering in the Benelux countries and in Denmark.

The unavailability of machinery in process engineering caused by unscheduled extension to downtime periods can dent the profits of clients hugely. This is why the timely, safe, secure, specialist and professional performance of turnarounds is one of the most complex management tasks.

KIEL Industrial Services AG has been working in the planning, management and performance of machinery shutdowns and large-scale repairs in refineries, petrochemical and chemical enterprises and power plants for decades. With over 500 performed turnarounds, revisions, shutdowns and revamps, we are a highly experienced partner that gives its clients the assurance it needs from the very beginning that it is on the right path.

We have developed a comprehensive concept for turnaround performance based on our “lessons learned” process. The key to a smoothly performed turnaround lies in precision planning and optimised preparation. From project planning, budgeting and scheduling to issuing calls for tenders for individual segments to performance of shutdowns to controlling and detailed recordkeeping, KIEL Industrial Services AG provides a single source for all services.

Each area of the machinery is managed by a coordinator that maintains contact with the client, the inspectors and the TÜV technical standards authority. KIEL Industrial Services AG handles spare parts management, procures missing parts and ensures that they are correctly stored, managed and dispensed.

Our duties also include the review of deployed employees and contractors in relation to qualifications, health & safety and briefings. Where the necessity arises for training, we also perform this.

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